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One Square = Materials needed to cover 100 square feet of roof.

Hip roof = When all sides of your roof slope to meet the walls.

Gable roof = A roof that forms a triangle on the end, opposite of a hip roof.  There are open gables and box gables.

Valleys = The part of your roof where two roofing surfaces meet, creating a V shape and downward slope.

Ridge = The peak of your roof that runs horizontally and where two roof slopes meet.

Rake = The edges along the gable end of a roof.  Imagine an upside-down V, the rake would be the two sides pointing down.

Underlayment = Felt paper or Ice & Water shield laid on top of sheathing prior to shingle installation.

Sheathing/Decking = Boards, usually plywood where roofing materials such as felt paper and shingles are secured.

Flashing = Thin sheet metal, usually aluminum, manipulated to fit securely in specific places to prevent water penetration.  Common areas of flashing are around chimneys and in valleys.

Counter Flashing = A style of flashing that is attached then sealed along the top within a wall then meets the corner and lays over base flashing.

Facia = Usually wood or metal edging that extends down from the edge of the roof (below the eave or the rake).

Cornice = Metal or sometimes wood finishing pieces installed at the edge or end of roof.  Includes rake and facia.

Eaves = The lowest edge on a roof, usually hangs beyond the walls of the house.

Felt Paper = Similar to tar paper, it is a bituminous fabric material that is produced by extreme pressure, matting the fibers together.  This is generally applied to the entire roofs surface on top of the plywood and under the shingles.

Rafter = Wood boards that are used to create the structure of your roof, where sheathing is attached.

Frieze Board = A board that is located above the wall and creates a corner when met with the soffit.

Soffit = The enclosed area from the roof that extends out beyond your walls to the eaves.

Pitch/Slope = The number in inches of vertical rise on a roof every foot on horizontal distance.

EPDM = Stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (synthetic rubber membrane), typically used on flat or almost flat roofing surfaces.

Coil = A coil of metal used to create flashing and capping wood in certain areas.  Comes in a variety of colors to match common exterior colors.

Ice & Water Shield = a three foot wide membrane, usually a rubber material, adhered to the perimeter of your roof, closest to the edge to block your home from potential ice dams.

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