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If you're looking for a trusted name in roofing in West Chester, PA, look no further than William Penn Roofing for any full service roofing installations, or professional inspections. Our roofing company has been serving areas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for 14 years with only the highest quality of workmanship.

Our Roofing Services

Our services always put the client first, with consistent trust and respect for you in mind. Our team has experience in all of your roofing needs, from full scale installations to partial facet replacements or inspections. . Below is a list of the roofing services we offer in West Chester, PA.

Streaked Roof

Roof Replacement

Years of damage and weathering can eventually mean your roof needs to be replaced. Your home or business isn’t complete without a roof over your head, so it is important to us that we replace your roof quickly and diligently. We specialize in commercial and residential roof replacement.

Roof Decking

Roofing Inspection

Are you looking to have your home appraised? Or simply suspect there may be a problem? William Penn Roofing will inspect your roof to check for any damage or need for repairs, maintenance, or replacement. Catching a problem in its early stages will save you money and a headache in the long run.

Old Roof

Roofing Maintenance

At William Penn Roofing, we know that full replacements are not always necessary. . This is why we offer the option for full facet replacements instead. You can trust that problem areas on your roof surface will be remediated and no longer a worry or headache. . From partial replacements to full roof system replacements, you can always count on our team of roofing experts to have you covered.

We have experience working with all kinds of roofing materials and styles, including the following:

Metal roofing
Asphalt shingles
Protective roof coatings
Flat roofing systems

William Penn Roofing is the answer to all of your roofing needs in West Chester, PA.

We are proud to provide roofing services for Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania, Including:

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Other Home Services in West Chester

Although our name is “William Penn Roofing”, we offer additional home improvement services in West Chester, PA..

Sagging Gutter

Gutter Services

Gutters are crucial to any roofing system, as they work together to keep your home from taking on water. We specialize in full gutter installations and cleaning services. Our team of gutter specialists have the experience and skills to get the job done.


Siding Services

Siding is an important part of the home, as it protects the things you treasure from the elements, We offer siding services for your home and business so that your structure performs at its best, resistant to the elements, and protecting your investments. We tailor our siding installations to suit your style, whether it's completely unique or matches in line with your neighborhood.

Open Skylight

Skylight Services

If you're looking to add natural light to your home, a skylight can be an attractive and unique option. Whether you decide to sell one day or upgrade for yourself to enjoy, a skylight adds excellent value to your house or business space. William Penn Roofing offers skylight installation services for residents of West Chester, along with the peace of mind that they are working with certified installers of Velux Skylights, the most trusted name in North America. .

West Chester Roofing FAQs

The price of a new roof is dependent on factors such as materials, size, and design.

We guarantee honesty when it comes to our prices; call William Penn Roofing today to ask about our roofing services and pricing.

Each season of the year has different pros and cons for replacing your roof. The spring and fall offer mild temperatures which is why they our peak seasons for exterior services. Depsite being our peak seasons, we work hard to make sure to provide our customers with transparent timelines and are aware of where their project fits into our line up. 

In the summer, the high temperatures can make labor slower, however, allow for the shingles to thermo-seal faster. ..The weather can be less of a factor in the summer, with only occaisional storms we need to avoid, our scheduling has less of a delay. 

Roof replacement in the winter does take place, and usually the timeframe for installation is shorter as well. In the winter your roof may take longer to fully thermo-seal than in warmer seasons.  

In general, the best time to replace your roof is during the fall or spring season. The mild temperatures allow for easier installation and ensures there are no issues with thermo-sealing.

If you’re getting your home appraised or selling it, replacing your roof may not be necessary. It is best to have an inspection done by one of our professionals, that way, you have full knowledge of any damage or necessary repairs before moving forward in your appraisal or sale.

After your inspection, you can discuss with us our recommendation for your next best move. . If your roof does need a replacement you can weigh the benefits and cost of doing it before selling or having your home appraised. Sometimes replacing the roof at some cost to you, will increase the amount you can sell and you can end up making money on that investment.

You can maintain your roof on your own, and light maintenance will keep you from having larger problems in the future. However, there are always certain issues  that you may not have the time, skill, or equipment to remedy. We typically do not recommend homeowners go on their roof, unless trained in walking a roof’s surface, as this can be very dangerous..  If you are ever concerned about your roof’s existing condition, William Penn Roofing can perform a roof inspection for you, complete with a photographic report.

Yes, in short, you can replace your roof on your own, but there are risks to keep in mind. Professional roofers spend a lot of time walking a roof’s surface, so they are experienced in moving around without issues. . If you replace your roof on your own, there is a considerable risk of injury or death from improper safety considerations. Another piece to consider is Cost.  While you may save money on labor, you will most likely pay a higher price than a professional  would for materials. 

Additionally, improperly installing your roof can have more consequences than simply messing up it’s  appearance and curb appeal. A well-executed  roof is very important to keeping your home safe. If you happen to make a mistake while replacing your roof on your own, you will either have to live with it or end up paying more to have a professional come out and re-install a new roof. 

Overall, it is possible to replace your roof on your own; however, we do not recommend doing so as the potential risks and costs outweigh the benefits. 

Roofing Repairs

Replacing your whole roof can be expensive.

Maybe you are just in need of a roof repair, as opposed to a replacement.

One of our Project Consultants will come out to inspect your roof for any repairs that are needed.

William Penn Roofing will let you know what you need and how much the repairs will cost to make sure your home is protected from any further damage.

Repair calls require an $80 service fee and have a repair cost minimum of $500

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